Alameda Labor Council Resolution: Endorse and Support the April 15 End-the-Wars march and rally in Oakland

Alameda Labor Council Resolution: Endorse and Support the April 15 End-the-Wars march and rally in Oakland

(adopted unanimously by delegates on April 9, 2018)

Whereas, the war in Afghanistan and Pakistan has gone on for sixteen years, the war in Iraq for fifteen years, and the U.S. is also engaged in military conflicts in Syria, Yemen, Libya, Somalia, South Sudan, Niger, Mali, Nigeria and US Special Operations forces are deployed in 134 countries; and

Whereas, the cost of these wars together, including the residual costs of caring for veterans and paying interest on funds borrowed to pay for war by some estimates exceeds $6 trillion; and

Whereas, the Trump administration has threatened military action against both North Korea and Iran, which could draw China and Russia into these conflicts, with the very real possibility, whether by intention, misunderstanding or accident, of triggering a nuclear war; and

Whereas, Donald Trump requested more funds for the military and Congress approved even more than either he or the Pentagon requested, resulting in a national security budget in 2019 in excess of $716 billion, more than spending on the military at the height of the Cold War; and

Whereas, vital domestic programs and social services are being drastically cut or eliminated entirely, shredding the social safety net, further eroding healthcare, education, affordable housing, infrastructure repair and replacement, and other social needs; and

Whereas, Puerto Rico and other areas ravaged by hurricanes, wildfires, floods, earthquakes and other natural disasters require more resources than have been allocated to recover, and even more destructive extreme weather events and natural disasters can be expected; and

Whereas, a massive infusion of resources will be needed to make a just transition to regenerative and sustainable energy sources required to avoid catastrophic consequences of climate change; and

Whereas, the Alameda Labor Council has a long record of opposition to militarism, war and wasteful military spending that serve the profit interests of the military-industrial complex rather than the real security needs of the nation; and

Whereas, during the weekend of April 14-15, demonstrations will take place in cities across the US calling for an end to wars at home and abroad and reallocation of resources from the military to meet social needs; therefore,

Be it resolved, that the Alameda Labor Council endorses and encourages participation in the April 15th antiwar demonstration in Oakland “NO! to U.S. Wars at Home & Abroad” organized by a broad coalition of peace, human rights, social justice, environmental and other progressive organizations; and will encourage its affiliates and all union members and their families to participate.

— Submitted by Michael Eisenscher, PFT Local 1603

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