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A Culture of Hate and Violence in the US

By Connie White June 1, 2022 First, before I get into what I want to discuss today, I would like to say that the members of the LCIP Continuations Committee extend our continued condolences to the families and loved ones of the victims murdered and injured in the mass shootings that occurred in Buffalo, NY,

Western Massachusetts AFL-CIO Resolution on the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

(April 11, 2022) Whereas the Western Massachusetts Area Labor Federation AFL-CIO is committed to labor’s antiwar voice being heard in the current national debate; and Whereas the Russian invasion of Ukraine constitutes a gross violation of the UN Charter; and Whereas, this act of aggression is inflicting horrific pain, suffering, and death on the civilian

LFN Statement on War in Ukraine

(March 8, 2022) On Sunday, March 6, thousands of activists gathered in the streets across the United States — and across the globe – in response to the call for an antiwar March 6 Global Day of Action by an international coalition initiated by Stop the War Coalition (UK), the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, and the No

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