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Betrayal of Rail Workers: Biden Visits Boston

By Sandy Eaton, RN, Labor Fightback Network December 2, 2022 The basic contradiction within the House of Labor was starkly revealed today as US President Joe Biden visited Boston’s diverse working-class section of Dorchester, home base of US Secretary of Labor Marty Walsh, former building trades leader and Boston politician. An estimated 200 workers and pro-labor demonstrators greeted Biden’s afternoon

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U.S. Tax Dollars Are Soaked in Palestinian Blood

Statement by Labor Fightback Network If Gaza was declared unlivable in 2020, how can one describe it today? The sea is filled with sewage due to water filtration systems having been decimated by repeated Israeli bombings. Hospitals and schools are barely operating for lack of clean water, electricity, infrastructure and funding. The recent Israeli attacks on Gaza have targeted the entire population of 2 million Palestinians confined to a 140

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Legalization for All Undocumented Immigrants, End the Filibuster!

“Legalization for All Who Are Here to Work Because Their Home Economies Are Being Devastated by ‘Free Trade’ Agreements Like NAFTA and CAFTA” By AL ROJAS [Note: The following article was submitted by Al Rojas to the discussion at the Binational Conference Against NAFTA 2.0, the Wall of Shame and Deportations, held in Carson, Calif. in December 2017.] My family

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